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Hm? Oh, you care to know a bit about me, huh? How strange. But whatever, listen up and don't forget my words or you will sorely regret it. Bonjour, I am Francis Bonnefoy. Around here I am known as "The Demon of Lust," and by some as "The Prince of Lust." Either way, you can simply call me Francis or France. Do make sure not to confuse me with that bleach-blond airhead; wouldn't want you falling into eternal damnation for insulting a demon, now. Heh. Now then, unless you plan on contracting, get a move on.


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painting practice with the bae <3


painting practice with the bae <3

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Hey there everyone, I know I haven’t really been updating this blog much, but I wanted to stop by and let you all know that I have recently opened up a shop on Spreadshirt! With the ending of the holidays, my laptop nearing its end, the death of a family member, and convention season on its way, my wallet has been a bit tight. I’m not going to try and convince you to buy anything with some sob story, but it would help if you could buy something or, if you can’t, promo this post. 

I’ll be making shirts, hoodies, and maybe even thongs (because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a thong with an angel or demon on it) with the above designs and many others that I have planned. Items will mostly involve Demon/Angel!Hetalia, Hatoful Boyfriend, DMMD, and perhaps other fandoms if enough interest is shown; all involving original art.

So if you have interest in these things, or you feel your followers might, a buy or reblog would be very much appreciated!!


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What would you do to an ark angle like me

Anything I want.

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(( p sure those are violins in that song but i dont care i like it and wanted to put it here ))

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39 lectures


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(( hi ))

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Notice me senpai, /notice me/.

What the fuck is a senpai?

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You’re one to talk, sourcils.

…Wait what angel?

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Still coughing up hairballs from your time as a cat?

Let’s not talk about that, yeah………..?

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Afficher davantage

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Oh but why not? You’re so cute when you sleep, why wouldn’t I want to ruin that~?


But I can. It is one of the many perks to being a demon, you know~ Anyway, I’m a bit bored, why don’t we rattle these clouds a bit, hm~?

You know what I meant, Francis. But pardon me? Absolutely not! I have half a mind to hold this cross against your head, you king of jerks.

Heheheh. Now you wouldn’t do that to poor little ol’ me, would you angel? But uh.. king of jerks? I do believe you have me confused for my father. And if you know what’s good for you,you won’t confuse me with my father.Alright~?

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Um... Hey, Francis! You look kinda weird!

Weird? What do you mean? I look the same as I always do..

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I want your throbbing meat wand.

(( coughs in your direction ))

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(( flails and throws all this stuff at you guys at once because it is easier than answering these kinds of questions (whiCH I GET ALL THE TIME GJEEZ WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME noreallyitsfineitscuteiloveyouallthankyou) separately yes

oh and uh:

these hair arrows are kind of specific to Demon but oh well

here yah go

/floats away/ ))

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can you give me your deviant art? please

((what deviantart there is no deviantart deviantart is just a myth))

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